Delivering Power Presentation

Power Presentation

Power Presentation
Presentation Skills – Power Presentation:
 Win your audience the moment you meet them
 Gain supreme confidence in doing presentation to any audience
 Become visible in your team and organization quickly
 Put your foot through the door for your next promotion even before you go
for an interview
 Build a very solid self-image and boost your self-esteem
 Learn how to handle different people
 Learn how to do compelling selling v/s forced selling which is a pain

Ideally you should be:

 Managers
 Trainers
 Would-be Managers
 Salesmen
 Business Leaders
 Communication Enthusiasts

Even if you do not fit that definition:

Those who may not fit the definition of our audience but strongly feel that they
would like to know more about this program can contact us (our contact details
are at the bottom) and we can help you understand if you need this course or

How is it different from other workshops?

 We work with smaller groups which helps us pay extra attention to each
 We work on a 10 day plan of 2 hours each day; this helps us build new
habit patterns in our audience which is key to deliver Power Presentation
 We train in our facility but do not measure our results there; they are
tested outside – in the real world
 We partner with you to help you achieve clearly defined results that you
have agreed before training start
 Our approach is hands on and we do not do touch-and-go training
 We provide you support beyond the training time, wherever needed, to
reach out to help you achieve your goals of life
 We help you practice while we are with you in training sessions so that a
trainer intervention maximizes your chances of winning
 Our program design helps you to go on an easy and fun process of neverending
learning, so results will happen and keep improving with the
passage of time.

How is different from other programs?

Apart from other benefits which are mentioned above, our workshop is
different from other workshops in some key areas:

 Other workshops happen for 1 or 2 day’s time but our workshop happens
over a period of 10 sessions. This allows new ideas to seep through your
mind and also helps new habit patterns to develop. This way of learning is
more acceptable to your mind and hence the results happen.
 We also make you do things that we have designed as a part of the
workshop to get the satisfaction that we are there when you are trying the
new things to help you correct your mistakes unlike others.
 For more see last page – How is it different from other workshops?

What will be the timings?

We understand that you are busy and may be working in different shift timings,
hence we discuss with you in details before you join and depending on your
need we adjust the timing of the training.
This is also possible with us as we do only 2 hours each session unlike other
programs which are 6 – 8 hours programs.

What is the background of the trainer?

Trainer has about 10 years experience and has worked with people from
different backgrounds & with different profiles. He has worked with people up
to the level of Senior Managers and people with 15 – 16 years of experience
both in one-to-one coaching sessions and in group training sessions.

As we would always request, please speak to the trainer and once you feel
confident about the program and the trainer you will be more empowered to
take a call and then it would be right for you to join our program.

What if I am not able to come in the sessions as planned and miss a few

Normally, keeping in mind the effectiveness of training, we strongly will
dissuade you from taking longer breaks like 6-8 days long; however, in cases of
unavoidable circumstances we can still continue when you come back as per
mutually agreeable timings and session dates.

What is the guarantee that your training will give results?

Would love to say that you do not have to do anything and we will do
everything for you and get results; however, that will be a big lie. We
therefore call you our partners in this process of learning.
Having said that, why we are confident about the simplicity and power of our
program is because

a) The results we have been able to produce in the past.
b) The simplicity of the plan, so our plan is as simple as it could be for you
to follow, if you do get something as simple with any other training
provider, do let us know, we would love to learn from them as we are
always doing. All you have to do is to follow instructions and things will
start falling in place.

Do you give money back if we do not feel that we learnt what we expected?

As you understand like any business, we spend first and then earn money from
you. So no matter how much we would love to promise this but giving back
money will really not help us sustain our work at all. Also, there is no way to
check if someone has actually learnt or not learnt. So we don’t make any such

What we do instead is request you to please do all the check (like checking how
we are going to run the program, how is the trainer etc.) before you join our
program and join only when you are sure, otherwise you can skip our program.

What kind of things we can expect as a part of this program?

This program may seem a little radical initially as we do not believe in finishing
chapter after chapter. This will be more hands-on training and we will follow
what we call as connecting-the-dot method. In simple we move to next level
when we see reasonable progress in your learning from previous sessions. Also
you may have to do a lot of exercises as a part of this program during the
sessions which may take you back to your school days but as we say we will
work keeping in mind the results and your personal needs so the structure of
program will be slightly flexible but mainly personal catering to your needs of
the hour and your strengths and weaknesses.

***Request you to ask all your questions before you join so that you are clear
and work progresses smoothly***

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Address – Golden Square, 53/A, 16th C Main, Koramangala 4th Block, Bangalore,
Karnataka, 560034, INDIA

FOR ENQUIRY SMS – PURPOSE PP TO 0988 012 7986 for enquiry about Power
Presentation program


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