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Why Learn Presentation Skills With Us?

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Why with us?

We can train you to deliver power-packed presentation within a week if not few days
We not only hand hold you but also leave you with some solid take-aways which will put you on path of never-ending learning
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How to Make Good & Quick Decisions To Lead The Life We Desire?

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They say only power that we have is the power to choose. And there is no denying in the fact that this is what makes our lives the fun ride that it turns out to be. Otherwise what is the fun in being a powerless soul wandering and acting as nature demands us to.

It is no doubt that the quality of our lives is decided by the decisions that we make. The life that we have been living has been shaped by the decisions that we have made in the past. But the good news is that we can choose to behave and act differently today to change the course of direction that our tomorrows take.

So is there is a simple way to simplify our decision making mechanism. Of course, we all have an unknown, invisible decision making mechanism. For most of us it is unknown. It will be good to know what is this mechanism that actually takes the decisions for us. What are the steps we go through to arrive at all sorts of decisions – from trivial to the most valuable ones.

The simplest tool that helps each one of us to arrive at making decisions is called priority. Do you know what is the most important task for you today? Also, how do you decide what is important task for you?

Until we are clear our mind about our priority list, life will be a painful and pointless task with us stumbling from one day to another without making any headway .

Few things that we can do:

  1. Decide your most important goal that you want to achieve in the coming time (e.g. 1-2 year’s time)
  2. Decide a list of activities that will lead you to your goal. (You can create a fish bone model)
  3. Work out the list and put these tasks in order of priority
  4. Every night before going to bed you should know what is going to be the most important task that you need to focus on
  5. Be ready with a contingency plan e.g. what is plan b if plan a fails.
  6. Put a time line to every activity
  7. Assign a time to every activity depending on the relevance of task
  8. Just setting a goal may not help; you need to set some tempting milestones