Purpose of Education

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If you are educating a child in a manner that before coming to any decision or judgment he shall ask his conscience the rightness of his choice and not his likeability or the popularity of the choice he is going to make and if the training imparted has made his conscience strong enough so that its voice shall be louder than that of crowds of men, no matter how big the crowd is, only then you have truly educated the child.



Hurdle to empowering workforce

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The single most important reason which acts as hurdle in the way of empowering employees is the reluctance on the part of management to let go of control.

The fear to let go arises from the lack of belief in oneself and lack of knowledge of laws and principles of natural leadership

To empower others would start with empowering oneself.

To empower oneself first there is a serious need to see that there is a need to empower oneself.

Growth is natural, you either grow else you shrink. This is how nature has designed us. It has left us with a responsibility to grow and it penalizes us if we do not grow by cutting us in size in its own way.

It is amazingly surprising to realize that if we only make a resolution to grow everyday, how much more we can accomplish.

It is not unrealistic to say that the potential of human resource that we have been able to tap is just the tip of the iceberg.

Grow-Empower Yourself
Empower Yourself – Empower Others
Empower Others – Let go
Let go – Make a new beginning

Stay hungry, stay foolish
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A Question for Parent to Ponder Over…

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When you say that your child is not doing well, what do you mean?

Is it that your child is not doing well according to how you define ‘well’ or is it that your child is actually not doing well?

More often than not it turns out that the problem lies in how you define doing well’. I mean to say the strict, fixated framework that you want your child to fit into. To be very honest, if you allow your child to grow and take the onus of just nurturing the talent that he/she is born with, that will be enough. You really do not have to force them to become what you want them  to be, they will flourish only when allowed that space to grow.

Watch this video from the movie Kung Fu


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Use the power of reflection

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Often, when we’re looking for an answer, we “turn up the volume” of our thinking. This might be called active problem solving. We think, think, think—and then we think some more. We get personally involved in the process.

For the most part, when we are actively thinking, we’re thinking about that which we already know, that with which we are familiar. We try to solve a problem at the same level of understanding that initially created it. And often we go around in circles.

Recently I was engaged in an interpersonal conflict with someone I was working with. In my mind, I was blaming him for virtually all of our problems. The more I thought about it, the more convinced I was that the problem was with him. It got so bad that I considered breaking up the friendship, which, to that point, had been very pleasing.

Then another friend of mine suggested I stop thinking about it entirely and postpone making any decisions. He suggested instead that I take it easy and spend some time in quiet reflection. I took his advice.

As I quieted down, it became clear to me that a great deal of our problems were actually coming from me. I could see how I was contributing to our poor communication and had many unrealistic expectations.





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Language Can Change External Reality

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Let’s assume you want to buy a new car. Now let’s say the following loudly and notice your feeling each time you say:

I should… buy a new car

I must… buy a new car

I have to… buy a new car

Let’s do the same exercise with the below sentences:

I would love to… buy a new car

I will… buy a new car

I could… buy a new car

I’d like to… buy a new car

You would have noticed that every time you say a different sentence you feel different i.e. each of the above sentences create different emotions. I’d assume you all agree to it (provided you actually said these loudly). However, if you notice minutely; you would also notice that the second set of sentences made you feel more positive than the first set.

Where does that leave us?

Our study of NLP says when you say positive, you start thinking positive i.e. it alters the way you think which in turn practiced over a relatively longer period of time creates positive changes in your external reality.

If you look at the same from perspective of Creative Mind study; positive sentences here, created positive emotions and our creative mind works on the principle of law of attraction i.e. like emotions create like reality which means if you feel positive now, you are placing an order to the universe to offer you more similar experiences and events.

All said, take this simple exercise for a few days; look at what are you saying. See if you can bring small alterations in your sentences, just for the fun of it. I am sure if you do this for some time you will start enjoying the experience of it and also you may see someone close admiring this change in you. Don’t look for an immediate change in external reality, however, to be honest, you should and you must do this. I am saying this because while you may  not be able to notice the negative impact of some things that you say has in your life (purely because you have been like this for a long time); it’s always better to run away from such habits.

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