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Time for presentation – Time to rock-n-roll

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Don’t do favour to your audiences; they are not their for that. Do service for them. They have given you their precious listening.

Measure every word you say, measure every move you make. Everything that happens while you are communicating with your valued audience should only be aligned to the end purpose that you have decided to achieve while you are there.

Use power words, use power expressions and use every tool that leaves a deep and positive message in the minds of your audience. Take them on a roller-coaster ride of overflowing emotions and finally you would have definitely achieved your goal of selling an idea, a product which must make (why?) powerfully positive impact in their lives.

Power Presentation will not only change your life but the lives of those you do business with, those who you interact with professionally and anybody else you communicate with.

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How to Make Good & Quick Decisions To Lead The Life We Desire?

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They say only power that we have is the power to choose. And there is no denying in the fact that this is what makes our lives the fun ride that it turns out to be. Otherwise what is the fun in being a powerless soul wandering and acting as nature demands us to.

It is no doubt that the quality of our lives is decided by the decisions that we make. The life that we have been living has been shaped by the decisions that we have made in the past. But the good news is that we can choose to behave and act differently today to change the course of direction that our tomorrows take.

So is there is a simple way to simplify our decision making mechanism. Of course, we all have an unknown, invisible decision making mechanism. For most of us it is unknown. It will be good to know what is this mechanism that actually takes the decisions for us. What are the steps we go through to arrive at all sorts of decisions – from trivial to the most valuable ones.

The simplest tool that helps each one of us to arrive at making decisions is called priority. Do you know what is the most important task for you today? Also, how do you decide what is important task for you?

Until we are clear our mind about our priority list, life will be a painful and pointless task with us stumbling from one day to another without making any headway .

Few things that we can do:

  1. Decide your most important goal that you want to achieve in the coming time (e.g. 1-2 year’s time)
  2. Decide a list of activities that will lead you to your goal. (You can create a fish bone model)
  3. Work out the list and put these tasks in order of priority
  4. Every night before going to bed you should know what is going to be the most important task that you need to focus on
  5. Be ready with a contingency plan e.g. what is plan b if plan a fails.
  6. Put a time line to every activity
  7. Assign a time to every activity depending on the relevance of task
  8. Just setting a goal may not help; you need to set some tempting milestones

Do You Know Why You Should Question Your Values?

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If you want to be lead a life like a true champion, you will have to be absolutely sure of your values. Let me ask you this? Where did you get your values from? Most of us do not consciously choose our values. We borrow it from people who we spend time with. It is your family, teachers and a lot of others we spend a lot of time with during the early days. However, once something becomes your values it starts guiding your life like the sail of a ship. Do you know – All the decisions that you take are guided by your values.

What are values?

Values, in simple words are what we consider as valuable or important. It could be ideas, principles, things (e.g. money) etc.

Let us say you want to change your job. How does your value affect this decision? If you consider money as your topmost value or most valuable thing at that time, then you may leave the old organization for the new without much hassle. However, what if relationship is most important for you; in this case relationship with your manager or your boss? Will it not create a kind of catch-22 situation for you? Consider this, you are from an extremely rich family and work for fun and spend quality time with friends and colleagues. Would you value money as much as someone who works to make ends meet? Now situation has changed and for this person who may not need money as much as the other person taking decision will not be as difficult. He will let go of the other job as he does not value money as much as the other.

However, as we all know values guide our lives but are not consciously picked by us. And here lies the problem. They are a result of unconscious choices which we made. It is therefore very important for everyone who wants to lead a more aware and matured life to question their values before life throws a question at them.

  1. Sit down and write your  top 5 values
  2. Figure out where did you pick it from? – (was it from an optimist or from a loser)
  3. Where these values could possibly be taking you?
  4. Question your values. Try and find out why should you or why should you not have some values in your list – This will make you crystal clear about questions that life could possibly be throwing at you if not now, may be later.

It is great to be a man of clarity than to be a muddle head. As a leader (and anyone who leads his life is a leader rest are stumbling from one day to another) you are expected to be a man of clarity of vision, values and only then you deliver whole-hearted action. As you all know actions create your destiny.

Sit down and do the exercise above. You could be doing that man a great service who looks at you for everything, the man who could not live without your support, the man who is the center of your universe. I am sure you know who that man is – yes it is YOU.



Take Charge Of Your Emotions

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Let’s think… Yes, I mean think a little deeply… deeper than what we do? Let us try to understand a man (or a woman; I don’t want to sound gender biased here!). So like we always do, let us divide ourselves into four different levels that we  live in. They are:

  1. Physical
  2. Mental
  3. Emotional
  4. Spiritual

Today we will talk about the emotional part; the 3rd level of our being. Given the kind of culture we have been brought up in and the kind of lifestyle we get used to, we spend a lot of time on the mental and physical level.

I am keeping this post very simple. The purpose of this post is to give you a simple tip to shift your emotions from the normal undisciplined and wayward mode to the more purposeful and disciplined mode. The effects of doing what we are going to do are:

We will have a lot of control over our emotions.

We will be the chariot rider for our emotions and not the horses being driven by it.

It will give us a subtle sense of understanding about who we are once we practice this exercise for about 15-30 days.

Does this mean we will have to do something out of the ordinary or take a few hours out of our hectic schedules? No, you do not have to because that kind of plan is hard to execute and any plan which is difficult to execute is a bad plan, isn’t it?

So, what’s the plan?

If you can take out about 5-15 minutes in morning and same in the evening this can give us a good start. Is it “doable”? If, it is; let’s begin then.

What would you do in just 5-15 minutes? You can do wonders! You can start a process which we have long forgotten. And this process, if you start enjoying; trust me, you will love not to miss any day. How powerful it is? Well, I will only say, feel it to believe it.

What’s the science behind it?

Emotions are more powerful than logic. To support this, I would like to quote none other than Dale Carnegie, the author of the book – “How To Win friends and Influence People”. He said:

“When dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity.”

One of these people he was referring to is “You” and “I”; of course. Emotional intelligence – needless to say – has become a force to reckon with in the last decade or so. Even spirituality recognizes emotions and all the subtle forces more powerful than the logical mind.

How will this 5-15 min help?

Depending on what kind of person you are – if you can meditate do that just to calm down your mind – or if you can close your eyes and in the darkness find out amongst the thousands of things making your mind go haywire which are the thoughts you will chose to think about, what work you are going to do, what are the most important things for you to focus on which can take you to where you want to be.

 “Where focus goes, energy flows” – Tony Robbins

The purpose is to have a small conversation, a beautiful conversation with the most important person in your life. The purpose is to give that person a fixed time, so that he/she feels being cared for and being looked after. Put your points to that person, say that you will think this and focus on “A” because this is what you want to become, want to have or want to contribute. If you just shower this bit of care and value to the person hiding inside you, you can go places. Because wherever you go, he will never leave you and hence this relationship with this person is the most important relationship you need to start building.

In this small time, you would have shifted the focus of your mind to the most valuable things of your life and hence can create a strong shift in your emotions. When you get out of this small session – you will know your priorities crystal clear. Stephen Covey said it so well, “Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out.”

One of the most important habits that self-made millionaires focus on is the habit of ‘excelling in their priorities’. Too many people are working hard. You need to work hard but on the most vital areas of your life and this small time you will spend with yourself will help you achieve this.

Why morning and evening?

Emotions have a strange way of working as compared to mind. Untrained, they take you on a topsy-turvy round. Anyone who had a bad start to the day would know that it is not only the bad start that kills but it is what follows a bad start that is more dangerous. A bad start somehow attracts similar experiences throughout the day. A good session in morning will keep the momentum all along the day. At night, it works because when you come in agreement with what is important and what is not; you transfer the priorities to the subconscious and let it work all night on it. Next morning, you get up with the first thoughts of your truly valuable priorities and a sense of amazing clarity. You feel happy and your mind has something to work on, not just something but something that is really vital for you.

Remember – Mind is a good servant but a bad master


How do you help people build character?

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Today I am leaving this space for you to suggest your ideas. I won’t write much. I am just asking you to tell me – How do you help people build character? Please leave your comments and pour your thoughts: