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Time for presentation – Time to rock-n-roll

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Don’t do favour to your audiences; they are not their for that. Do service for them. They have given you their precious listening.

Measure every word you say, measure every move you make. Everything that happens while you are communicating with your valued audience should only be aligned to the end purpose that you have decided to achieve while you are there.

Use power words, use power expressions and use every tool that leaves a deep and positive message in the minds of your audience. Take them on a roller-coaster ride of overflowing emotions and finally you would have definitely achieved your goal of selling an idea, a product which must make (why?) powerfully positive impact in their lives.

Power Presentation will not only change your life but the lives of those you do business with, those who you interact with professionally and anybody else you communicate with.

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Your checklist to a better future…

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Keep this checklist:

Ask this question, as many times a day as you can for sometime before it becomes your habit –

How am I feeling now?

Write the following down on a piece of paper and keep it with you. Whenever you ask yourself this question, make sure you take out the piece of paper and point to the zone and feeling that you are experiencing. You must do this exercise. Don’t rely on doing it mentally. That will not give any result.


  • Love
  • Gratitude
  • Peace
  • Joy
  • Passion
  • Excitement
  • Happiness
  • Hope
  • Satisfaction

    • Boredom
    • Annoyance
    • Worry
    • Criticism/Blame
    • Anger
    • Revenge
    • Hate
    • Resentment
    • Guilt
    • Depression
    • Fear

    Try hard initially and start staying in the ZONE OF HAPPINESS for as long as possible. Here you keep sending positive vibrations to the universe and, “As you sow, so shall you reap”, is what universe answers back to you. So positive vibrations give back positive results. It may be difficult to stay in this zone for long because our body gets conditioned to the zones we stay in for long time. So, if you have a habit of living in zone of sorrow, it will not be comfortable and will find reasons to fall back. However, regular practice shall take care of that and body will get accustomed to living in the higher level.

    Best Wishes…
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What Are You Attracting Now

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Remember every moment you are creating something, you are attracting something in your life. What are you attracting now is always going to be exactly in line with how you are feeling right now. So how are you feeling now about money, relationship, profession, new assignments, your customers e.t.c?

You learn to take charge of what you feel now and you will take charge of your future. Take care of NOW.

Sometimes we force ourselves to think good, however, deep inside we are scared, angry or irritated. Remember this, universe listens to our inner being; so forcing yourself to think good will always fail. Universe reciprocates to the vibrations that we send, the frequency of each thought and feeling that comes out of us. It is smart enough to know the truth when you are forcing or pretending.

Devise a way to uplift your thoughts, your feelings when you are really down. It will take some time but then it is always worth. Some of the tested ways are:

Listen to classical music(Beethoven, Mozart, Indian Classical Music) – Somehow these musical notes are in tune with all that is good

Watch motivational speakers speak – They will rub off their positive vibrations on to you within seconds

Listen to videos of great leaders, giants of past – There vibrations of positivity still resonates

Read self-help books or books about past greats or success stories

Best Wishes…


Quote of the day, 14th Jan 2011

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“Evidence is conclusive that your self-talk has a direct bearing on your performance.”

– Zig Ziglar

Try this… it worked for me… Creative Mind…

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Hi, today I am going to share something incredible that I experienced in the last half and hour. It is amazing and I must confess I am finding it unbelievable. I recommend you try this. Here is what happened.

I was sitting in the comfort of my room and was listening to some of the motivational stuff. After some time I started feeling really charged up. I could feel a rush of positive energy within. Suddenly I thought let’s check how this rush of energy can be related to the power of creative mind, the principle that what we feel is what we create. If you are feeling good, you attract positivity and if you are feeling down and sad then that is what you will attract.

To check this, I used tarot reading cards and said if I am feeling good or rather delighted, I should be drawing some powerful cards at this moment. In quick time I pulled out about 30 tarot cards one by one and guess what, none of the cards were negative. All the cards were powerfully positive. Something that was quite amazing.

If pulling certain tarot cards was a matter of chance; then the consistency with which I pulled up all positive cards cannot be explained by the theory of randomness.

I am quite surprised, if a sudden rush of positivity can have such an immediate & powerful impact on our environment, imagine what will happen if we are able to keep the same energy for a longer period of time.

Try this…

Explore your power within and have fun…

God Bless…