Basic Conversational Skills Training Program

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Basic English & Conversational Skills-Level 1

Who is it for?

For organizations where employees find it difficult to communicate with co-workers, clients and customers because of language and conversational skills

People who have come with a non-English background

People who find it difficult to communicate in English

Where people’s lack of conversational skills is negatively impacting organization’s or team’s performance


Employee’s Concern:

I want to learn English?

I want to improve your conversational skills?

My lack of conversational skills impacts my confidence.

My image amongst people is badly hurt.

Is there an easy way to learn conversational skills that anyone can master?

I have attended a non-English school?


Organizational Concern: 

It negatively impacts the relationship between key stakeholders like co-workers, clients and customers

It can mean loss of business or strained relationship with some co-workers, customers and clients

It can mean a lot of stress and loss of time and energy for organization

Productivity of team and individuals alike is very negatively impacted in medium or long-term



Become confident speaker within few weeks so that you can speak to anyone without hesitation

Learn not only to speak correct but to impress anyone (Surprising yet true… it has been done before… we have used this model on many and it has worked)

Learn ways to win people’s attention and long-term impact on them

Learn easy ways to avoid conflict and take the path of least resistance in any conversation

Develop your language skills up to industry standard

Irrespective of your background master conversational skills


Time Duration:

Approx 20 Hours

 For more info contact or call 0988 012 7986


Take Charge Of Your Emotions

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Let’s think… Yes, I mean think a little deeply… deeper than what we do? Let us try to understand a man (or a woman; I don’t want to sound gender biased here!). So like we always do, let us divide ourselves into four different levels that we  live in. They are:

  1. Physical
  2. Mental
  3. Emotional
  4. Spiritual

Today we will talk about the emotional part; the 3rd level of our being. Given the kind of culture we have been brought up in and the kind of lifestyle we get used to, we spend a lot of time on the mental and physical level.

I am keeping this post very simple. The purpose of this post is to give you a simple tip to shift your emotions from the normal undisciplined and wayward mode to the more purposeful and disciplined mode. The effects of doing what we are going to do are:

We will have a lot of control over our emotions.

We will be the chariot rider for our emotions and not the horses being driven by it.

It will give us a subtle sense of understanding about who we are once we practice this exercise for about 15-30 days.

Does this mean we will have to do something out of the ordinary or take a few hours out of our hectic schedules? No, you do not have to because that kind of plan is hard to execute and any plan which is difficult to execute is a bad plan, isn’t it?

So, what’s the plan?

If you can take out about 5-15 minutes in morning and same in the evening this can give us a good start. Is it “doable”? If, it is; let’s begin then.

What would you do in just 5-15 minutes? You can do wonders! You can start a process which we have long forgotten. And this process, if you start enjoying; trust me, you will love not to miss any day. How powerful it is? Well, I will only say, feel it to believe it.

What’s the science behind it?

Emotions are more powerful than logic. To support this, I would like to quote none other than Dale Carnegie, the author of the book – “How To Win friends and Influence People”. He said:

“When dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity.”

One of these people he was referring to is “You” and “I”; of course. Emotional intelligence – needless to say – has become a force to reckon with in the last decade or so. Even spirituality recognizes emotions and all the subtle forces more powerful than the logical mind.

How will this 5-15 min help?

Depending on what kind of person you are – if you can meditate do that just to calm down your mind – or if you can close your eyes and in the darkness find out amongst the thousands of things making your mind go haywire which are the thoughts you will chose to think about, what work you are going to do, what are the most important things for you to focus on which can take you to where you want to be.

 “Where focus goes, energy flows” – Tony Robbins

The purpose is to have a small conversation, a beautiful conversation with the most important person in your life. The purpose is to give that person a fixed time, so that he/she feels being cared for and being looked after. Put your points to that person, say that you will think this and focus on “A” because this is what you want to become, want to have or want to contribute. If you just shower this bit of care and value to the person hiding inside you, you can go places. Because wherever you go, he will never leave you and hence this relationship with this person is the most important relationship you need to start building.

In this small time, you would have shifted the focus of your mind to the most valuable things of your life and hence can create a strong shift in your emotions. When you get out of this small session – you will know your priorities crystal clear. Stephen Covey said it so well, “Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out.”

One of the most important habits that self-made millionaires focus on is the habit of ‘excelling in their priorities’. Too many people are working hard. You need to work hard but on the most vital areas of your life and this small time you will spend with yourself will help you achieve this.

Why morning and evening?

Emotions have a strange way of working as compared to mind. Untrained, they take you on a topsy-turvy round. Anyone who had a bad start to the day would know that it is not only the bad start that kills but it is what follows a bad start that is more dangerous. A bad start somehow attracts similar experiences throughout the day. A good session in morning will keep the momentum all along the day. At night, it works because when you come in agreement with what is important and what is not; you transfer the priorities to the subconscious and let it work all night on it. Next morning, you get up with the first thoughts of your truly valuable priorities and a sense of amazing clarity. You feel happy and your mind has something to work on, not just something but something that is really vital for you.

Remember – Mind is a good servant but a bad master


Learning Communication

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More often than not we focus on trivial and miss out the vital. Like Henry David Throureau rightly said:

“There are thousands hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root”

A truly conditioned mind (conditioned by the society that we live in) always thinks that
a.To learn = To attend training
b.To learn = To spend money
c.Learning is directly proportional to Time we spend in learning

Whether we believe that each one of us are also thinking in this way or not, but it is true for each one of us. This is because we are dealing with a powerful tool which we are supposed to master but we do not do it. Well the consequence of this is that this tool called ‘mind’ deludes us so easily that we fail to notice.

Lets say you want to learn communication skills. Now just look at it. If you are able to just improve tiny bit in every communication opportunity that you get, just because of the sheer number of opportunities you get during the day, you can master it within a span of few months. I am not talking about the frills of communication. I am talking about the soul of communication. So, take this small challenge:

How positive can you be?

1.Say that for next 7 days you will be the most positive person at home?
2.Say that you will not complain even once during the next 7 days at home?
3.Say you will only speak when others are complaining, if you have a solution?
4.Say every time you are about to complain, you will run this audio of you complaining in your mind and check if you also have similar problems that you were to complain about?
5.Say every time you see other’s complaining you will dig deep in their mind and find out if he/she is complaining because of other’s fault or are they themselves unhappy or in a lower state of mind?
6.Say you will watch every person who complains a lot or is complaining at the moment and do an analysis to figure out what is the real reason for this person to complain – is it to hide his/her mistake, is it to distract from something they are guilty about, is it because they do not have a solution, or they cannot think of a solution etc.

The greatest is achieved only by self-discipline. There is no substitute to self-discipline.

Can you take up this project? If yes, can you succeed? Because to start something is anybody’s business, only those who can finish in glory are respected. So, do you have self-respect? Can you start and finish well?

If your mind is saying, you will do it later or maybe this is not the time despite knowing that if you master communication, you master your life, I must tell you, your servant, your mind, has already started playing tricks on you and you will be trapped if you do not fight hard.

Ha ha ha…
Stimulate your mind, discipline your body, nourish your soul… every moment of the day and you have become unstoppable, invincible.

Best Wishes…

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