Purpose is passion. The passion is to create instant and long-lasting result. Yes, results are what excite us and constant and never-ending learning is what help us get the results for you.

As our lives crosses path let’s share something so meaningful that it helps you create the greatest destiny and the most beautiful relationships around you.

Purpose was founded to help make life better and help create quantum leap in the quality of relationships which we share in our lives. For us, you and your relationships form the center of your universe and hence our universe. No arrogance attached, we are constantly learning as we bump into you. You truly are our source of learning and are our opportunity to do service.

Give us an opportunity and let us work together to uncover an amazing future the blueprint of which already lies hidden deep inside the core of your hearts. Let our resources flow unhindered and create for us energy strong enough to give us the power of the Giant that lives inside each one of us. Grateful to be at your service.

…so what’s yours?

Trainer Profile:

A trainer with over 9 years experience. Having worked with, trained and coached people from organizations like MindTree, Accenture, Oracle, Mphasis, Wipro, BirlaSoft, Britannia, Saint Gobain Glasses, and Ascend etc on behavior skills to enhance performance. With pin-pointed focus on achieving just 2 things through training and they are:

1. Instant Result
2. Long-term Success

Started his journey with Mphasis way back in 2004 and soon found a great mentor while he was following his passion i.e. training. With his desire to produce long-term meaningful results for people he worked with he has been able to create some amazing transformational results for his clients. In his course of journey he has worked with different kinds of people and he realized that in the area of personal development and communication skills all of can do better. By being able to find the right button and by creating enough focus and momentum any difficult situation can be overturned. How quickly can one create this turn-around depends on the tools or strategies that people are using. As a trainer, his job is to produce results and help people turn-around their situations instantly.

Flagship Programs

Power Presentation – Presentation Skills

  • Mesmerize your audience from the moment you meet them
  • Learn to make powerful connection with your audience
  • Learn tools of handling people so that irrespective of group dynamics you always come out with flying color
  • Find the new You who has been yearning to come out for ages, add an Xtra dimension to your personality
  • Learn to PowerSell your ideas and crash through objections before they come up
  • Learn to tell stories like the best speakers

And Much More…

Produce Giant Results

• Take complete control of your life
• Identify the basic resources that you already have and learn strategies to create alchemy with them
• Create absolute certainty with respect to your most valuable goals
• Fill yourself with oozing energy and supreme confidence
• Create powerful changes in your life in no time
• Identify the hidden forces within that are already working in your life and re-tune them to create a new destiny
• Align your mental, emotional, physical and the power of your will to create a powerful force to overcome greatest of challenges of your life & achieve your highest destiny
• Helps you learn to create a mental map that will help you reach your dreams in shortest possible time
• Identify and take the simple small steps that you need to take every day to reach your destiny
• Create a clear cut daily plan and take away powerful yet simple tools to reach the zenith of your potential


• Anyone with 0 – 12 years experience.
• Anybody who is passionate about learning about life

Become A SilverTongue

• Grow within your organization in rank as well as in respect and stature
• Learn amazing ways of overcoming situations that would terrify others where you can not only win over the situation but also win more appreciation
• Win and create long-term relationships for a happy, secure and fulfilling life
• Overcome difficult people (superior in rank and experience) and also win their appreciation and respect
• Impress upon the minds of people around you an image that they will love to keep in their memories forever
• Learn to win over loved ones, difficult people and anybody and everybody within no time
• Exponentially grow the power of your impact on people in your personal and in your professional life and live a more fulfilling life
• Win over people in 2 minutes
• Become a great communicator not only in your small circle but anywhere you go
• Surround yourself with praises, respect, awe-struck fans, gratitude, blessings, love, results, strength and many more positives that you never imagined communication could give you


• For anyone wanting to improve his/her persuasion power over others
• For anyone who wants to increase their value in the organization or in their teams?

Other Programs that we conduct:
• Cross-Cultural Communication
• Training for New Managers
• Stress Management
• Setting Compelling Goals
• Harness Creative Powers
• Motivational Training Programs
• Persuasion Skills
• Negotiation Skills
• Superior Interpersonal Skills
• Group Decision Making
• Team Building Indoor Program
• Time Management
• Public Speaking
• Customer Service