Basic Conversational Skills Training Program

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Basic English & Conversational Skills-Level 1

Who is it for?

For organizations where employees find it difficult to communicate with co-workers, clients and customers because of language and conversational skills

People who have come with a non-English background

People who find it difficult to communicate in English

Where people’s lack of conversational skills is negatively impacting organization’s or team’s performance


Employee’s Concern:

I want to learn English?

I want to improve your conversational skills?

My lack of conversational skills impacts my confidence.

My image amongst people is badly hurt.

Is there an easy way to learn conversational skills that anyone can master?

I have attended a non-English school?


Organizational Concern: 

It negatively impacts the relationship between key stakeholders like co-workers, clients and customers

It can mean loss of business or strained relationship with some co-workers, customers and clients

It can mean a lot of stress and loss of time and energy for organization

Productivity of team and individuals alike is very negatively impacted in medium or long-term



Become confident speaker within few weeks so that you can speak to anyone without hesitation

Learn not only to speak correct but to impress anyone (Surprising yet true… it has been done before… we have used this model on many and it has worked)

Learn ways to win people’s attention and long-term impact on them

Learn easy ways to avoid conflict and take the path of least resistance in any conversation

Develop your language skills up to industry standard

Irrespective of your background master conversational skills


Time Duration:

Approx 20 Hours

 For more info contact or call 0988 012 7986


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