Training Mentality – Do You Care?

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If you can constantly teach people how to do better in life; you have successfully created a huge queue of long-term if not life-long followers. That is what true leaders successfully do.

“People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Most of the trainings that happens does not truly deal with issues that the people, who are being trained, are bothered about, but they deal with issues that organization is bothered about. Hence the disconnect. Can this be smartly aligned? Is there a way to create this sort of alignment? Human behavioral factors provide a solution to this. And if this can be done, real communication begins; and trainings happen only when that deep communication link is created. Our audience is always asking the basic question to trainers and their bosses, “Do you care about me or do you care about your profits?” And because they fail to get a,”Yes, we care about You,” response they are not really ‘present’ and engrossed in the training programs being offered.




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