How about getting an online coach at NO COST?

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  • Are you facing Challenges At Your work? How about bringing a complete Transformation?
  • Do you want to Build Confidence?
  • Are you facing Challenges In Your Personal Life? How about improving it using some simple, practical & powerful self-help steps?
  • How about Identifying and Nurturing Right Relationships?
  • How about getting rid of nagging Stress that has taken life out of you?

and finally…

How about an ONLINE COACH for you at No Cost to help you get all this?

If you are facing these challenges and want to overcome them; I can help you take care of your beautiful life?

You can have access to these services sitting in the comfort of your homes and paying nothing

Yes friends… we are offering this service and depending on the no of requests and my availability will offer free coaching to those who are willing to take help. All you have to do is first say YES and then

  1. Join my network on LinkedIn
  2. Share your Gtalk/gmail ID?
  3. Tell me about your challenges and we will do my best to offer you help to sort out all your challenges and hope that we can make your life better than before
  4. Send me a request on: with Subject Line – Online Coaching or Inmail on LinkedIn with Subject line- Online Coaching


What is this: This is a professional/personal/educational coaching and will definitely not consider medical inquiries and time-tested wisdom of self-help your concerns will be addressed

Confidentiality: Your details will be held confidential and we will not share your details with anyone

Limitations: Online coaching cannot be a replacement for face-to-face interaction and has its limits. We will work together for improvement in respective areas.

Coaching Termination: Upon reaching point of diminishing return or otherwise, based on circumstances, we will have final say in termination of services and expect you respect this.Due to limited time, all your requests may not be immediately returned.



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