The Reason Most Organizational Trainings Fail

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Know you want to be best in the business. Know you care for your employees and want to make sure that they grow and your business grows as well. But to tell you the fact as it is, your employees see you only interested in your business and not in them.

Have you thought what does it take to keep your most important resource, your employees, motivated enough to come to work and give their best day-in day-out. It is a very old idea but still works the best. You know your employees are crying WIIIFM i.e. what-is-in-it-for-me every time you send them for training.

However, in this pressure to keep our customers and clients happy we ignore our closest associates our human resource who work hard to get us business.

The next mistake is that we arrange for some training as a solution. You must be wondering what’s wrong with training. Isn’t this what you want to do to encourage your employees grow. Well, there is nothing wrong but do your trainers sell your trainings to your employees before they train them, do your trainers first tell your employees WHAT IS IN IT FOR THEM in the trainings that we arrange for them.

Most trainings ignore this. There are two steps to training

1. Sell the training to trainees

2. Train once you have ensured that they have bought the idea

Most of the time we skip the first part and hence the entire process fails. Would you like to entertain a salesman if he knocks at the door and pushes something down your throat every time, you won’t; however, if there is a law ensuring that you have to open the door and listen to the salesman all the time, you will also do the same things that your employees are doing. Employees generally do not see that the trainings that are conducted are for their good, instead they feel it is another way of making sure that you can extract more out of them or sometimes it is just a formality that an organization has to run to tick one agenda off their yearly or quarterly calendar.

This is where most of the trainings fail.

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