How to choose the right Job?

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Get a job where you can give more instead of one where you would get more. This is quite opposite of the normal thinking, however, if you understand the psychology behind it, you would know why we say so.

What does job require? It requires you to give your time, skills and effort to add value to an organization and in return you are paid. Now, look at this, most people who I have checked with say that they are paid for the time and skill they bring in. No one talked about adding value to the organization or increasing the profitability. At least, I am sure they do not say that they are going to increase the profitability of the organization everyday before setting their foot in the office premises. And when you don’t say it, you normally don’t do it.

If you want to understand why very few make it to the top, you will realize it has got less to do with opportunities but more to do with ‘proper alignment’. Any organization will pay you more when you add value to it. Any organization will pay you more when you showcase that you can improve their profitability. Increasing organizational profitability should be the key area of focus in your mind at all times. This is why a manager gets paid more because if he helps each member of team to work slightly better it adds up to quite a lot for the team.

Most people choose a line of work, a job where they get paid more. Anyone who understands the way we humans are designed would tell you that there is a deep desire within us to ‘contribute’ and that is the primary reason for us to work. So the motivation for us to work is not due to money primarily, it is due to this deep desire or ‘voice‘ (as Stephen Covey puts it in his best-seller ‘The 8th Habit‘) within to ‘contribute’ and to “Realize our Full Potential“. This has got nothing to do with money. However, we all know that we cannot survive without money so we need to earn. Those who are hugely successful tap this deep desire and plan their life in a manner that they are earning and at the same time they are fulfilling their deepest desire. No doubt, they tap the treasure-house of motivation and hence make huge amount of money.

If you are planning for long-term, always choose a work that is in tune with your ‘deepest desire’ your ‘inner voice’. It’s always give and take and not take and give. Take and give may work in very short-term. You get in return of giving. Your salary, your paycheck should become like a return-gift, positively influencing others to give you a gift as wonderful as the one you gave to them.

When you choose work/job where you can give more then,

1. You will never be stressed
2. Demand will always be less than what you can offer
3. Quality of your work, the value add, will largely be independent of what you are getting but will improve exponentially irrespective of the situation outside.
4. You will never be questioned as to why should you be paid what you are being paid.
5. You will be able to champion your skills faster, better and will look forward to each day with the eyes of a kid who just goes out to grab his bucket full of treasure everyday when he sets out.

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