What Are You Attracting Now

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Remember every moment you are creating something, you are attracting something in your life. What are you attracting now is always going to be exactly in line with how you are feeling right now. So how are you feeling now about money, relationship, profession, new assignments, your customers e.t.c?

You learn to take charge of what you feel now and you will take charge of your future. Take care of NOW.

Sometimes we force ourselves to think good, however, deep inside we are scared, angry or irritated. Remember this, universe listens to our inner being; so forcing yourself to think good will always fail. Universe reciprocates to the vibrations that we send, the frequency of each thought and feeling that comes out of us. It is smart enough to know the truth when you are forcing or pretending.

Devise a way to uplift your thoughts, your feelings when you are really down. It will take some time but then it is always worth. Some of the tested ways are:

Listen to classical music(Beethoven, Mozart, Indian Classical Music) – Somehow these musical notes are in tune with all that is good

Watch motivational speakers speak – They will rub off their positive vibrations on to you within seconds

Listen to videos of great leaders, giants of past – There vibrations of positivity still resonates

Read self-help books or books about past greats or success stories

Best Wishes…



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