Language Can Change External Reality

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Let’s assume you want to buy a new car. Now let’s say the following loudly and notice your feeling each time you say:

I should… buy a new car

I must… buy a new car

I have to… buy a new car

Let’s do the same exercise with the below sentences:

I would love to… buy a new car

I will… buy a new car

I could… buy a new car

I’d like to… buy a new car

You would have noticed that every time you say a different sentence you feel different i.e. each of the above sentences create different emotions. I’d assume you all agree to it (provided you actually said these loudly). However, if you notice minutely; you would also notice that the second set of sentences made you feel more positive than the first set.

Where does that leave us?

Our study of NLP says when you say positive, you start thinking positive i.e. it alters the way you think which in turn practiced over a relatively longer period of time creates positive changes in your external reality.

If you look at the same from perspective of Creative Mind study; positive sentences here, created positive emotions and our creative mind works on the principle of law of attraction i.e. like emotions create like reality which means if you feel positive now, you are placing an order to the universe to offer you more similar experiences and events.

All said, take this simple exercise for a few days; look at what are you saying. See if you can bring small alterations in your sentences, just for the fun of it. I am sure if you do this for some time you will start enjoying the experience of it and also you may see someone close admiring this change in you. Don’t look for an immediate change in external reality, however, to be honest, you should and you must do this. I am saying this because while you may  not be able to notice the negative impact of some things that you say has in your life (purely because you have been like this for a long time); it’s always better to run away from such habits.

Best Wishes…



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