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Today after introducing a page on words, I am going to add one more page to my blog. This page will be dedicated to past giants, to the real teachers(apologies that I had to add the adjective real because in today’s world the idea of teacher has been dwarfed to a great extent). The one’s that I am going to talk about are those whose aura, influence and positivity spreads across the world in such a strong fashion that it has and will survive millenniums to come without being diminished.

They are a source of energy and wisdom which does not lose intensity with time. These are the sources of wisdom who have changed the course of civilization and still powerful enough to do so at any time till we exist. Their sheer name brings about a huge impact of positivity and hope.

Today there is a greater need for all of us to read about them and know more about them. These were and are sources of wisdom and reading, mere reading about them, will have amazingly powerful impact on our lives to the extent that it can bring about paradigm shift in the way our life is.

So keep a check on this page and see the change. Let’s look at our lives through the glasses of these GIANTS. You will and surely will feel the change.

Accept this page as a gift from me to you all.

God Bless…

Harsh Bhushan


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