Words Are Sacred

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Words are Ideas:


Changing your vocabulary can change your life. At the core of your being are belief system that forms the blueprint on which your entire life is designed. We display & reinforce our belief system by everything that we do. Everyone sees the same external event but still forms different views about it and that is because of our belief system which is so close to our being.


When we say things we are always reinforcing our belief system to make ourselves feel that what we believe in is true. Here lies the key to our problems as well. If we change and start using words of power, words that go with the natural laws of creation we slowly start creating harmony between us and nature and once we are able to do so we can use the most potent force i.e. nature to work for us. Anything that is not natural cannot survive.

Seems simple but we have forgotten these simple laws and hence there is so much of pain and agony around. If we start following and teaching these timeless principles we can create a world that we all crave to create for us and our loved once.


You will find a new page in my blog going forward where I am going to give you words that you can start adding to your vocabulary and see the change in your life.


God Bless…

Harsh Bhushan


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