Mahatma Gandhi – 7 Things That Will Destroy Us

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Timeless wisdom from Mahatma Gandhi.

Seven principles which helps us avoid sailing in the wrong direction.
A must for any individual, a must for any parent to teach their kids, a must for any organization to make sure they have their future secure and have a map to follow, a must for all the leaders and teacher. In short a must for ALL.

It’s surprising that staying in a country where Mahatma Gandhi was born and lived an exemplary and extraordinary life, people do not remember these ideas, it’s a real disaster if our education system misses out on teaching kids these strong principles of life.

7 Things That Will Destroy Us

  • Wealth without work
  • Pleasure without conscience
  • Knowledge without character
  • Commerce without morality
  • Science without humanity
  • Worship without sacrifice
  • Politics without principle
  • Best Wishes…
    Harsh Bhushan


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