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Loyalty is the way in which a mature and integrated mind behaves. Loyalty indicates undivided wholeness of consciousness and shows richness of the mind. When the mind is not integrated, it is feverish, disloyal and opportunistic. Disloyalty comes out of opportunism. Opportunism is short-sightedness of one’s destiny. Integrity or wholeness is essential to be healthy. A divided mind will gradually lead to schizophrenia and other physical and mental disorders. Loyalty is a real strength and will have the support of nature in the long run. Fear and over ambitions are impediments to loyalty.

Courtesy – Art of Living – http://www.artofliving.org

Wish you luck…
Always plan for long-term and don’t be misguided by temptations; temptations never pay be it in relationships or be it work, instead they will take the life out of you.



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