It's A Journey; Not Destination

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Hi All,

I was just speaking to someone when these things crossed my mind. I must thank this person for reminding me some key ideas that we tend to forget in the midst our hectic life.

Just some important things that came to mind, strong yet simple ideas that certainly makes difference and hence worth reminding ourselves.

One of greatest illusion we carry all our life is that we will enjoy when we achieve our goals. Always remember the power of now, the present; any other idea of time is a myth. Tomorrow never comes, even if it does there will be another tomorrow to postpone your happiness to. It’s like chasing a mirage. Get off this habit NOW.

Life is not a race, it’s a journey.

Run not to beat others, ask them to come along. Journey is a lot more fun when you have company.

We all have limited time, a fulfilling life is not necessarily a long life. However, the richness of each moment can be infinite, provided you have an eye for it and you have a will to relish it.

If you can be happy now, you will attract more of it & if you are unhappy you will attract more unhappiness. That’s how our subconscious works, that’s how the universe responds to your signals.

I think we should learn to find more reasons to be happy and surround ourselves with thoughts, people & work that keeps us delighted all the time.

Wish you luck…


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