Education vs Wisdom

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Education & literacy are quite a common topics that I read about in newspapers quite often. However, I was taken aback, a bit, when I read the meaning of education and literacy in dictionary. It fell way behind as far as my expectation is concerned. What struck me and may happen to you as well, is that no doubt this is our priority now and is same in most of the countries. However, having met so many people in my life, I have always felt a GAP, I am talking about people who are educated by the standards of society and have a piece of paper called “degree certificate” and what happens is that the degree becomes their identification. When I say Gap, by that I mean these educated people (a large number of them to be frank) were not necessarily matured people, let me be blunt they are quite immature and carry some belief and certain philosophy of life which is extremely disappointing as it reflects their narrow mindedness. On the other side, I have come across many who are not at all educated and yet have a personality and view of the world which is rich and fulfilling and they are ones anyone would love to be surrounded with. These are not educated and they never carry an identification which is limited to a “paper certificate” yet they spread all the positivity and show all the maturity that you can expect from anyone in this world. These are the people who you would call “Wise Men”.

I will tell you; my belief which has been going strong with every passing day:
1) Tomorrow will be defined by these wise people and not the educated ones.
2) If a person, culture, society or a country is looking for powerful, healthy and splendid growth they need to shift focus from – counting on education to counting on wisdom.
3) Best of all, that’s why it surprises me that why we have shifted our focus from wisdom to education and literacy, is that for you to get wisdom you do not need to pay a penny its free and available everywhere and every moment of life unlike education which seems to have become more of business today than anything else.

Let me make it clear, I am not against education, however, I am definitely in every sense of word against education being higher on priority list than wisdom. This is the recipe of disaster a lot of which we are seeing around. I think an unnecessary focus on education and by that I mean focus more than what it deserves and at the cost of putting wisdom on the backseat, will create more retarded individuals and hence a retarded society and more focus on wisdom will create a healthy and complete human being and a society strong robust.

Let’s put wisdom topmost in your list of priorities. No extra cost, just a shift of focus and lead a fulfilling life.

Best Wishes…
Harsh Bhushan
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