What Fails The Plan Or The Person

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Well, let’s ask another question to find out more. Someone asked me this question to counter my question and so I am putting this here – what fails business or businessman. I know quite a lot of you will say it is the businessman who fails and not the business and we can elaborate on this by giving a large number of examples of businesses on the same lines which have succeeded. Now that we have stressed on the point that the business is not a problem, so the fault must lie with the businessman. Agreed, given the way you explained I do not have a choice to disagree, assuming that this is path that you may take to justify your answer.

However, let me bring you back to the topic and ask you one more question, the question asked in the topic and the question in the first line of this post are they same? I don’t know what your answer is but I would say, NO!!!

Now let us try to analyze the question in the topic.

Let’s try to take a similar path of elaborating with an example. May I take this opportunity to give a very simple example. Two people are facing problem communicating, one is a college goer & another a ‘going-to-be-manager’ in a company. Do you think they should take a similar approach to learning. Let me also clarify, irrespective of what these two individuals think, the problem is communication and they do have the basic language skills.

In all likelihood, they may take the same steps to counter the COMMUNICATION problem, however, in my opinion it will fail drastically if they do not have a PROPER STRATEGY to counter this situation that they are into. My experience shows that people think of only one way of countering this problem and that is where the bigger problem lies. This is why they fail again and start believing that they are the problem, however, you ask me and I would say that there was a problem but the steps they took to counter it also had problems… bigger problems. A classic example of Plan Failing A Person. However, I must also agree that it works both ways i.e. sometimes we fail the plan if we are not really motivated about the goals.

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