Power of Unconscious

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Have you tapped this immensely powerful force? Have you tried to feel the power of unconscious in your life? Do you know that there are wonders waiting to happen only if you train your mind to make it happen in your life? Why do you think there are some people who sort of become comeback kids and they always seem to come back from a situation when the world wonders how?? and when we do not understand what could be the reason for this we put a tag of LUCK around the situation or event and say that it was sheer luck that saved him. Have you ever wondered to give such events more importance than just labeling it as luck factor and turning away our faces to avoid facing the reality? How could Bill Clinton, honorable President of United States of America, come out of an impending impeachment motion by a margin of 1 vote(I am banking on my memory, forgive me if I am wrong). How could a woman who has been practically deaf since she was 18 months old go on to become Miss America (just read about it in a Ziglar Post). Trust me, my experience working with those who found it difficult to deal with many situations which are nowhere close to something what Bill Clinton faced or brave Miss America faced. However it does hint at the fact that these people who represent masses somehow tend to lose their battle in the field of their mind called the UNCONSCIOUS. It won’t be difficult to figure out how most of the masses have lost their battle in the same field of UNCONSCIOUS.

This is what champs do and masses fail to do – While doing something less important or something that is not related to the challenging situations that these champions face they still have a positive mind which shows in their emotions while they are working. It feels like something is telling them that there is a way to come out of this situation and somehow the champs with this winning attitude tend to focus on the best result scenario, though they may not be able to figure out what is this best case scenario. However, the masses tend to lose the battle every second because even while doing something other than facing this challenging situation, could be doing there daily chores, somehow they are able to focus all their energy in the negatives that can possibly happen in the future. This is a HABIT and all we have to do is train our mind to get into the habit of champs than that of masses.

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Harsh Bhushan
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