Where is your focus

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What would you do if I ask you to go and get me a glass of water? Okay okay lets change the question and I will tell you why I am doing this in my next post. What would you do if you have to get a glass of water which is kept on the table in front of you? You will LOOK at the glass of water, you will START walking towards it AND until you reach the glass of water normally you will not MOVE IN DIFFERENT DIRECTION. What I am trying to say is this – the most amazing coincidence of life is that we tend to move in the same direction as we see. Now if you have a problem what is it that you want – a solution. So tell me where should you look? At the solution, why can’t we do the same thing with life. Isn’t it simple. I know it is challenging when we talk about life but one thing is sure that if you start looking at the problem and assume that you are walking towards the solution then that will not happen, at least most of the time unless you are lucky and I tell you luck is not a reliable companion.

Always shift your focus from problems to solutions, from complains to resolution, from cribbing about a job to a plan for a better job, from pains in relationship to working out what you can offer to make it a better relationship. Think about this – only when you start taking responsibility for every action will you start growing as a leader.

Best Wishes…


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