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Too many people are making a career choice everyday. For some this is going to be their first job, for others it could be a time of realization as the career choice that they have already made has not served them well. Well it really does not matter where you are in life, it really does not matter which category you fall under and I am saying this because there are some simple truths about life and they tend to remain so… I mean simple. Though I am not denying the fact that it can be challenging. So this is what you should do when you are making a career choice or career movement:
Be realistic – The career move/choice should be something that should not put you or your family in a big financial mess. No matter what field you want to move on to remember people are working in these fields already and there is enough money everywhere. You should consider taking up a coach or a consultant who can guide you in doing this.
Do not curb your natural instinct – Major disaster in today’s world is people jump into a rat race. When deciding to choose a career they must first figure out their strengths and weaknesses. What they love to do. What they should avoid is look at what industry pays a lot. Look at which industry is the inn thing. These are quite tempting and it challenging to avoid but remember one thing the decision of choosing a career is a long term commitment and fact is that no one can stick to something that they cannot emotionally connect with. Forcing yourself to go against nature can bring about a lot of disturbance and disharmony in your personal and professional life. It may not show immediately but will certainly show in sometime.
So to summarize this, follow this path –
See what comes naturally to you,
Assess your strengths and weaknesses
Don’t jump the conclusion that IT IS NOT POSSIBLE to earn good living in your desired field. People are already doing it.
Consult a career consultant, a coach as they can help you provide guidance.

Best wishes…
Harsh Bhushan
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