Hey Where Are You Heading?

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Hello All,

Just thought I will speak to you. Hope everything is fine with you and your loved one’s. I just wanted to ask you all where are you heading? I mean to say where are you heading in life? I know you are heading somewhere, I can see you all running but hey can you stop for a few moments I just wanted to have a chat with you. Okay okay let me join you and we will speak as you run. First question – so where are you heading? Let me ask you something more important… how is the place where you are heading? Is it a place of your dreams or is it that you have just joined the crowd. I think the successful people call it rat race. I wonder why… Hey I have been asking this for so long but all of you seem to be looking at each other… looks like you do not have a clue. Well okay then stop and think for a while, what is the rush to reach a place which you do not know. What motivates you to go there? What! you don’t know.. Sorry did someone say that they will be left behind if they stop and talk. Well now this does not make sense to me. You don’t know where you are going. You don’t have a clue of what kind of place this is.. then what is the rush to reach there. Oh, I get it.. Its fear not motivation that is driving you… Sad I must say… But hey I think I will go somewhere else looks like all of you are in hurry. But before I leave I must tell you this. This is what I have learnt and this is what I believe in:
Stop the RAT RACE… or slow down at least… give some time to THINK and PONDER OVER your DREAMS..Set GOALS… This will give you direction… Find your EMOTIONAL CONNECTION with your dreams… Plan the ROUTE to your dream destination… FOCUS ALL ENERGY and run…
I don’t think just running in any direction will help. Anyway you take care and have a good life….

Best Wishes…
Harsh Bhushan
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