Kill Your Doubts With 4 Simple Questions

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I have come across many people who realize the importance of learning skill which is important for them to survive or take leaps into their career still they carry a BIGGER disease in them which is called DOUBT… shall I or shall I not? It is surprising to see that even people who are on the verge of going into a tailspin in their career because they lack in one skill which is TRAINABLE by all means. All it needs is their INITIATIVE to say I NEED TO LEARN IT and they move from verge of FINANCIAL FAILURE TO LASTING SUCCESS. I cannot put a financial value to the loss they incur as a result of this chronic disease but I am absolutely sure that it runs into amounts which are beyond our and their imagination. Here I present to you four simple steps to come out of this dirty world of doubt into a world we all love to live – a world of ABSOLUTE CLARITY – and it’s worth every penny staying in this world. The steps are these questions which you need to ask yourself whenever doubt troubles you and after some time doubt will automatically fade away:

  • What will happen if I do not learn this?
  • Can I afford the consequence of not learning?
  • Imagine what will happen if I am able to learn it and master this?
  • How will my life change if I learn it?
  • No matter what your answer is it will take you out of this doubt and you will have absolute clarity on what YOU SHOULD DO.

    Best Wishes…
    Harsh Bhushan
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