What You Seek Is What You Get

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What you seek is what you get. This is what we have been learning since we were kids. So the issue is not that we do not know it. The problem is we do not understand it. I mean we can say we can understand the language in which it is said but do we really understand matter, the content, the soul of what is said. Now this is the thing about knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom comes with experience. Now there is no doubt in the fact that what is said is right, but do not try to see how it has brought us to where we are today. And believe me it takes a lot of courage to accept that wherever you are in your life, career, relationship etc, its all YOUR DOING. But till the time you do not sit down and accept it you will be running away from yourself and see how silly is the very idea of running away from ourselves is, isn’t it. But isn’t it worse to keep doing it all your life and be okay with it and that too just because of the fact that we cannot ACCEPT reality. Now something more interesting, when you ACCEPT it what happens is MIRACULOUS… and this miraculous experience is called TRANSFORMATION. That’s is why when you listen to stories of all who have achieved GREATNESS they will certainly have one moment of TRANSFORMATION in their lives, that one moment of unbearable pain of coming to terms with reality, but that moment is also the defining moment of the rest of their life. Its such a change from the COMFORT ZONE, where you accuse others for all that goes wrong in your life.

So here it is, the path to Greatness:
Get out of comfort zone, ACCEPT that it’s all your doing.
Bear the pain of TRANSFORMATION
RELISH a great life, a purposeful life.

My question to you is do you really want it or you think you want it, are you really seeking it?

Best Wishes…


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