Sales People, Your Customer Has Rights

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An interesting article by Bryan Flanagan

I am the customer and I have my rights.

I have the right to remain silent. I don’t have to tell you about my business. I don’t have to share with you the reasons I use your competitor. I am under no obligation to volunteer any information to you. Also, I cannot guess what you need to know. You have to gather that information from me.

Hint: As sales professionals, we must engage our clients in conversation. We must master the skills of questioning and listening.

I have the right to demand that you deliver on your promises. If I put my trust in you, you better do what you say you are going to do in the time frame you said you would do it. If you can’t deliver on your promises, I have the right to be notified. I also have the right to be notified in a timely manner. I understand that this is not a perfect world. I know that deadlines can be missed. I just need to know about them as they occur.

Hint: Address any delays or disadvantages as early as possible. Our clients have the right to know.

I have the right not to be taken for granted. I have given you my time, my trust and my money. I’d like something in return. I’d like to be treated fairly. If you want you to continue to earn my business you must keep me informed. Let me know the status of the referrals I gave. Not only should you serve my needs, you must anticipate my needs. You must continue to earn my time, my trust, and my money.

Hint: After we attain the business, we must work just as hard to maintain the business.

Bryan Flanagan is known as the Sales Ambassador. He is the premiere sales trainer and coach for Ziglar. Watch Bryan in action!

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