If you are a salesman and if you are failing

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These are two very important areas where I think most of the salesman who are not able to do well fail:
Know about the competitors products and benefits as well as you know your own products – Your company may not teach you about the other companies product or they may tell you an outline of competitors product but if you want to succeed and have an edge over others you need to step out and find out the details about every competitor out there.

Soul searching – Many a times when your mind does not follow your heart there is a conflict an internal conflict. Let’s look at this e.g. – Deep in your heart you feel that sales is not a nice profession. You think asking someone to buy your product is selfish if the other person says he does not have money. Sounds funny but many salesmen have been in this profession for years and still carry this emotional drag which fails them. Remember this enemy is hidden.

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