How to deal with a confused customer

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Let’s UNDERSTAND this customer:
They have too much of information, a lot of it unnecessary.
They are not sure what should they do.
They are not good at decision-making because they have taken some bad decisions in the past, now their best strategy is to not to take a decision, though they may be doing it unconsciously.
They want to be doubly sure of not leaving any stone unturned to make sure that their decision should not go wrong and can have unnecessarily long discussion.
He will always be happy if you give him more time to take decision but trust me he will be as unsure as he was in the first meeting.

What they WANT:

Listen to these customers so that they feel that you actually heard them completely and you know all their problems, don’t jump to a conclusion.
Counter their concerns by citing examples most preferably first hand experiences, this brings down their anxiety level. Watch if they seem satisfied. It will show in his facial expression, his tone and rate of speech.
Give out the solution with the assurance that this is a common issue and you have dealt with this before and they need not worry.

Best Wishes…


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