Two Simple Steps to Success

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Success simplified in two simple steps, sounds strange but hey let’s have a look at it before you judge and tell me how many of us take care of the first step. That’s where we all lose it. We don’t find out our strengths but we go for the gold rush:
i) Identify the challenge – Sit down with people closest to you, people who love you, people who have spent a lot of time with you(just be careful that these are the ones who will give you an honest answer) and ask them what are there views about the strengths and weaknesses that you have. Write it down. Listen to them with an open mind. You ask them what kind of work will suit you the best not in terms of where the gold rush is, but what according to them is the kind of job that you are made for. They will hit the target bang on. Ask yourself if you really like this kind of work.
ii) Devote your life to it – If the first step has been taken care of, move on to the next focus all your energy, all your might on the action part. Remember, you have found the purpose of your life and you have to fulfill it no matter what. Devotion is needed not a constant struggle in your mind whether it is the right place for you or not. Devotion… remember. So first step is vital. You simply cannot devote something that you don’t like and are not made for…

Best Wishes..


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