When to FOCUS Where

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It’s so vital, it can be so powerful, it can make an amazing difference in the way the result turns out. Focus. We have to understand this and also why does it become difficult to focus. When you focus you just channelize your energy to something that you feel is important. You give direction to your energy to reap maximum results. Energy gives power to your thoughts and action and hence a lack of focus usually means not achieving what was intended.
Why do we find it difficult to focus then. There are two situations and we need to deal with these in different way.
i) When you are happy and things are going fine in your life – At this time focus on what you love and put all energy in doing things that you like. This is the time to work on your dreams and you can really do this because you are going through a good phase in your life.
ii) When you are going through depressing times or not so good phase – This is a challenging time when you are not feeling good. You are facing problems in one or more fronts in your life. You need to respect the fact that in the journey of life this is a phase which all of us go through. We need to understand that you are not a machine and need to deal with your life in a more delicate fashion. ACCEPT the fact. Now your focus should be on listing down areas that are troubling you and respect the fact that these are areas which need attention and hence they are screaming for your attention. Direct all your energy or most of it to sort out this or these issue/s. You leave these unattended and they will increasingly slow down your progress and grow bigger and may become unmanageable.

The key to success here is PRIORITIZING your AREAS OF FOCUS at different times and situations.

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