The Best Investment

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You would never find anyone ask you why do they need to fill fuel in their car but you will find millions asking many why should they go to attend training at their own expense. You will find billions buying expensive branded clothes but you will find quite less number of people buying books which can be an investment of lifetime. There can be many trying new brands of cosmetics but few trying a new training session which can give them any lesson of life. Invest in yourself. This should be your most important investment. But trust me sometimes it is hard to explain it to many. After all isn’t it easier to blame the federal government for loss of job than to get up early on those weekends when you had the job and rush to the training and listen to someone who is just earning money by inviting as many people as he/she can. At that time it is not about us it is about the trainer, the fact that the trainer is earning money. But when you lose a job or find it difficult to move on to the next level or find the pressure increasingly unbearable to just stick on to your job then it becomes difficult for us. So it is better to add fuel before your car comes to a halt. Investing in yourself is vital. You cannot ignore it, for if you do the price is quite high at least in the present scenario. And trust me blaming the federal government for loss of job is all fine but definitely not productive and trust me very very frustrating… because up there they cannot see you because you are very small… So grow up big enough. Grow up so that you don’t need anyone else to take care at any point in your life. Grow up when you have time and job and some amount of money which you can invest towards learning. There is no form of investment better than this. No form. No shares better than having a share of knowledge or wisdom of how to manage your life and that of your loved ones. Because that is one thing you just cannot and should not compromise on.
Learning is the only way you can keep yourself charged up to keep up with the pace of the world. There are certain things that do not change. Like no matter how far you see in future values will always be needed to guide a progressive and healthy society. Similarly learning, knowledge, wisdom has been and will be there no matter where you are. It does not matter whether you are in India, US or Brazil, it does not, whether you are talking about today’s society or times of future.

Best Wishes…


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